Zelda Therapeutics Ltd is an Australian-based bio-pharmaceutical company specialising in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines for the treatment of the some of the world’s most important human diseases and disorders.  

Zelda’s is targeting the most common indications treated with medicinal cannabis as reported by patients; namely pain, anxiety and sleep.  Our strategy is to develop treatments based on plant-derived (ie. full spectrum) medicinal cannabis products that address the largest possible markets and have the greatest medical impact.    

To achieve this, Zelda is bringing together the world’s leading researchers and clinicians working in the study and use of medicinal cannabis.   The Company is undertaking:

  • human clinical trial programme focused on insomnia, autism and opioid reduction with activities in Australia and the USA.
  • pre-clinical research programme examining the effect of cannabinoids in breast, brain and pancreatic cancer as well as research examining the potential for cannabinoids to treat diabetes-associated cognitive decline.

The company conducts this work in partnership with world-renowned researchers and organisations including Complutense University in Madrid, Spain; Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia; the Telethon Kids Institute in Perth; the University of Western Australia, in Perth; St. Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne, Australia; and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in the United States